Participation fee

There is no age limit for participants of Workshops. Previous musical experience is desirable, but not required.

If there will be a lot of participants signed up for specific Workshops, applicants will be divided in two groups according to their previous experience:

  • Group B – musicians, who want to acquire and improve their skill on selected instrument;
  • Group A – musicians with prior training and experience.
External Student
Price per week
Workshops, concert/s, no accommodation, no meals.
Student Stays in Tent
Price per week
Workshops, concert/s, place for a tent, meals maximum three times a day
Student in Hotel
Price per week
Workshops, concert/s, bed in a hotel room, meals max 3 times a day

Additional information:

  • External Student with 3 meals a day included – price 200 EUR.
  • External Student with 2 or 1 meal a day included (contact festival administration
  • External Student for 1 day – price 30 EUR.
  • Participant („Student Stays in Tent”) provides everything necessary (sleeping bag, blankets, tent and etc.).
  • There are 2 invitations for all festival events included in the price of Workshops.

Additional invitations for festival events are not included in one day participation offer.