Application procedure

  1. Fill out the Application Form
  2. Pay the advance payment of 50% or 100%.
  3. Send the required documents by e-mail to
  4. Upon arrival at the camp you will be asked to submit a document from your family doctor stating that you are fit to participate in the camp. The document must be issued 3 months days before the start of the camp or later and it must include information about 1) vaccination, 2) pediculosis check, 3) allergies, 4) chronical illnesses, 5) medicines prescribed.​
  5. Upon arrival to the camp, the parents or representatives of the particiants younger than 18 will have to sign the contract. If they can’t be present upon arrival of the participant, the contract must be printed, signed and sent along with the participant.
  6. Safety rules

Required documents - to be sent by e-mail

Participants younger than 18

  1. Proof of the advance payment
  2. Photo for the participant’s ID card (please send by June 1st to email address )
  3. Copy of the page in the vaccination passport stating that the participant has been vaccinated against Tick-Borne Encephalitis (ISW-TBE) or a letter signed by a paret/representative stating that the participant has not been vaccinated against TBE and that the parent/representative takes full responsibility of the participants health and life in case of an TBE infection.

Participants older than 18

  1. Proof of advance payment
  2. Photo for the participant’s ID card (please send by June 1st to email address )


Arrival and registration of the participants will take place on July 20 2015 from 9 A.M. to noon at the resort «Minhauzena Unda» in Saulkrasti.

Registration Order

  1. The remaining payments are made if necessary and the «green light» from the accountant is received
  2. Checking validity of the mecdical documents (both the dates and the contents)
  3. The participant is informed about the rules and schedule of the camp as well as the safety regulations.
  4. Contract is signed or subbmited
  5. ID Card is issued and place of accomodation shown

Credentials for the advance payment

Rekvizīti dalības maksas avansa maksājumam:
Receiver: Biedrība «Vasaras mūzikas sesija»
Reg. № 40008046822
Baltijas iela 8, Zvejniekciems, Saulkrastu novads, LV-2161, Latvija
Banka Meridian Trade Bank, AS
Konts LV62 MULT 1710 7630 7001 0

Payment order must include:

  • Saulkrasti Jazz
  • First and last name of participant, personal code (participant’s, not payer’s)
  • Type of accommodation: daytime visitor, tent or hotel
  • Type of workshop