Trump Conception

Trump Conception is a jazz-funk orchestra that performs music
composed by their bassplayer Janno Trump. The band consists of 10
young Estonian jazz musicians. In April 2016, they released their
debut album “One”, which instantly got a warm and really positive
feedback from local music journalists and was chosen as the “album
of the month” by Radio Tallinn.

“Sensitively orchestrated instrumental R’n’B on an unprecedented
level and groove as it’s best.” H.Hanson, 2016
“Irresistable live act full of American funk-energy.” J.Sang, 2016

Bassist Janno Trump has graduated from G.Ots Tallinn Music School
and jazz department of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.
Thanks to his parents, who both are music teachers, Janno has been
related with music already since very early ages. In Tallinn G.Ots
Music School he started to write his own music and with some of his
compositions won several prizes from U.Naissoo composition
contest. By now Janno’s bass playing has supported very different
Estonian pop and jazz artists on their CDs and live performances. In
2015 he decided to assemble his own group to play his own
compositions. The other 9 members Trump invited to the collective
are the ones whose musical journey has crossed with Janno’s
through the years and who all belong to the top of the Estonian jazz

Janno Trump – bass guitar, compositions
Madis Muul – keyboards
Pent Järve – electric guitar
Dmitri Nikolajevski – drums
Caspar Salo – percussion
Allan Järve – trumpet
Tanel Kuusk – trumpet
Johannes Kiik – trombone, bass trombone
Danel Aljo – tenor saxophone
Keio Vutt – baritone saxophone