The Ditties

The Ditties are a one of a kind ensemble in Lithuania (and, we believe, in a bit broader area too) – so giddily elegant, sophisticated, genteel – and taking one’s mind away to the great swing era at a snap of their slender lady fingers.

The 1930’s and40’s were the times when music ruled theworld — or at least drove it crazy. Femalevocal ensembles like Boswell Sisters,Andrews Sisters or Dinning Sisters were thereal leaders of the music industry, givingpeople what they starved for: makingthem a little happier, a little more cheerfuland a little more carefree despite all theeconomical troubles befalling the time.

The Ditties bring back the glee and rapture of the music of the times by reviving the style of female vocal groups of swing era and doing that faithfully, precisely and truly emotionally. When entering the stage as genuine swing queens, they immediately immersing the audience into the powerful attractiveness of the style.

Vocal – Veronica Chichinskayte-Golovanova, Ruta Shvipayte and Ugne Bakanauskayte.
Saxophone – Remigijus Ranchis
Guitar – Paulius Volkovas
Double bass – Deniss Murashovs