LSD Trio

The music of LSD spans over a big spectrum of darkness and lightness, rough and smooth, and is filled with joy, swing and happiness.

For LSD (Lindborg, Sjöstedt & Daniel), the trio feels like a three-headed beast when they play together. One organism, one unit and a diabolic swing. It is like every beat on the drums, every snap on the base and every tone from the saxophone are played by the whole band. “Martin and Daniel play the saxophone as much as I do” says Fredrik Lindborg.



I Enjoyed it

Sonny Rollins

++++ (four stars)


…impressive recording…a pleasure from start to finish”.

All about jazz, James Pearse



Line up:

Fredrik Lindborg – tenor, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Martin Sjöstedt – bass

Daniel Fredriksson – drums