LABORATORIUM was a true revelation when it hit the music scene in 1971. Brilliant instrumentalists and imaginative composers, the boys in the band became leading figures in Polish jazz-rock almost overnight. The group’s debut album “Modern Pentathlon”, sold more 100 000 copies in just week, which was quite an achievement in those days. It was released in 1973 on the Polish Jazz Series (No. 49) and unbelievable turn round time for the Polish record industry at the time.

JANUSZ GRZYWACZ, LABORATORIUM ‘s leader about their great success: “I think we had our fantastic.- no, not five – eleven minutes, which I sincerely wish to all musicians. We played more than a thousand concerts, were invited by major festivals and recorded 9 albums. I know that such things are impossible to achieve in the jazz market nowadays. I also know that LABORATORIUM never really fell apart, to be honest. It’s because that our music is still inside us. In each of us there’s still the same way of thinking and playing, the same sensitivity and perspective towards music, which characterized Laborka. And it always will.”
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