Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music


Just like the plates of the earth, people and their traditions are in a constant state of change and interaction. The core of the earth’s plates is relatively peaceful, but within its boundaries, many processes are taking place. The plates cannot interact in a peaceful way, they can only crash into each other, slip underneath one another or rub against each other. Any of these processes can be a cause for some kind of turmoil – a volcanic eruption or an earthquake, but it is through these processes that mountains, valleys and rivers are shaped. This is how landscapes are created. In science, this process is called tectonics.

What about music then?
When we mix jazz musicians and ethnomusicologists in the same pot, we feel a similar kind of collision between two different plates, which eventually creates new energy and musical colors. This is the reason why decided to name our band “tAktonika” – a mash-up of the words “tectonics” and “takts” (Latvian word for the musical term “bar”).

For several years now, participating in the festival “Decibels”, held annually in Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, we have gained very positive experience performing our music, which mixes folk music from different lands with the jazz idiom – two plates colliding and creating new musical landscapes.

Jānis Rubiks – double bass
Edgars Cīrulis – piano
Zanda Loceniece – piano, vocals
Dita Belicka – vocals
Svens Vilsons – guitar
Pauls Ķierpe – drums
Artūrs Sebris – saxophone, clarinet
Anete Stuce – vocals, flute
Ēriks Zeps – vocals, accordion
Katrīna Riekstiņa – vocals, violin