Džiazlaif – is a sextet of Lithuanian Music Academy students. The band is known as crazy hooligans of reviving jazz scene of Vilnius. The band was born when one of the band members asked another: „maybe we should play together?“ and another replied: „yes“. Then they merged like protons with electrons and today they continue their musical activity together in local venues and festivals and abroad. Stylistically Džiazlaif music is hardly definable. Each composition is composed by different band member therefore band has colorful and diverse repertoire wich reflects their both musical and personal backgrounds.

Line up:
Kazimieras Jušinskas (sopr. sax)
Arminas Bižys (alto sax)
Danielius Pancerovas (bar. sax)
Paulius Vaškas (guitar)
Aurelijus Užameckis (double bass)
Ignas Kasikauskas (drums)