XXII Saulkrai Jazz Festival 2019 has ended

On Saturday, July 20, with jazz-music legends from the U.S. — Dennis Chambers, Jeff Berlin, David Sancious and Oz Noy, who were joined in a supergroup named “Moshulu” — ended XXII International Saulkrau Jazz Festival 2019.

From July 15 to July 20, on Saulkrasti Jazz Festival you could hear a lot of excellent and world wide known artists like brilliant and virtuoso Clauden Loui on saxophone with his band “CieL Experience” from Florida, a band from Hungary “Silhoiette” along with a powerful vocalist, percusionist and composer from the U.S. Vinx, the local most successful jazz/funk band “Very Cool People” group, together with the guest artists – rappers Edavardi, Ansis and vocalists Kristine Praulina. Three bigbands – Kaunas Bigband from Lithuania, RDKS JVLMA Bigband from Latvia and Interfak Bigband from Belgium, as well as two unique and masterful bass players– the new, fast-growing star Kinga Glyk from Poland and the widely known French bassist SHOB.

The director of Saulkrai Jazz Festival Raimonds Kalnins: “I would like to thank all those who helped us to create the festival at the highest level – the Culture Capital Foundation, the Port of Skulte, Musa Motors Riga, Meridian Trade Bank, Ortega, Yamaha, European Sound, Black Swan Riga by Olga Broka, Origo, Mangali, Riga Doma Choir School, Jazeps Medins Riga 1st Music School, professional team of Minhauzena Unda, musicians and team who worked selfless throughout the week! Special thanks to the Saulkrasti City Council and chairperson Normunds Licis for his support and active participation in the organisation of the festival, as well as to the Saulkrasti Culture Centre and the Saulkrasti Tourism Information Centre for their help!

It is also a great pleasure to have had young musicians from the USA – New Mexico and the University of Nebraska in Omaha, who participated in masterclasses and performed on Saulkrasti Jazz stage. I hope that this newly established cooperation will continue in the future. They loved Saulkrasti a lot, the seaside and our little town!

I’m also happy with the high number of visitors this year! This shows that our work is being evaluated and that your confidence in the quality of the festival programme is growing! Thank you to the audience!”