About XXII Saulkrasti Jazz 2019 master classes.

Because of the great interest in the master classes organized by Saulkrasti Jazz  and also because of the difference between the age and educational level of the members, we have decided to create two groups of master classes in XXII Saulkrasti Jazz Festival 2019:

A group – a beginner – learning or finishing a children’s music school, visits private lessons, hobby.

B group – with musical experience – finished/unfinished professional musical education, visits private lessons, hobby, self-dependent, capable of improvisation. (Total capacity for participants is limited!)

Our goal is to raise the quality of master classes at a higher, more productive level for both beginners and young people with musical experience.

XXII Saulkrasti Jazz 2019 will be held from July 15 true July 20.

In order to help us improve in future, please answer some questions.